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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:1 Which sunscreen gives glowing skin?

A. Sunscreens with added illuminating or "glow-boosting" ingredients like Vitamin C or Niacinamide can give the skin a radiant appearance.

Q:2 Does sunscreen remove tan?

A. Sunscreen prevents further tanning by blocking UV rays but doesn't directly remove existing tan. Other methods like exfoliation or skin-lightening creams may be needed to address existing tan lines.

Q:3 Can we use sunscreen without sun?

A. It's advisable to use sunscreen daily, even on cloudy days or indoors, as UV rays can still penetrate through windows and cause skin damage.

Q:4 Can I skip moisturiser and use sunscreen?

A. While sunscreen provides some hydration, it's not a substitute for moisturiser; for optimal skin health, it's best to use both.

Q:5 Which sunscreen is best for daily use?

A. Sunscreens labelled for daily use with broad-spectrum protection and lightweight formulas are ideal for everyday use. For more, you can use our Niacinamide sunscreen for oily skin or our Hyaluronic acid sunscreen for dry skin. These are the best sunscreens for everyday use.

Q:6 Is SPF 30 or SPF 50 better for face?

A. SPF 50 offers higher protection against UVB rays compared to SPF 30, providing better defense against sun damage and premature ageing.

Best Sunscreen For Every Skin Type

Your ultimate destination for embracing the sun safely, where we believe that every skin type deserves its perfect shield. In the heart of our philosophy lies the commitment to providing the best sunscreen for oily skin, sunscreen for dry skin, and every type in between, ensuring that your skin is nurtured, protected, and radiantly healthy. Our range is crafted to meet the diverse needs of all, making us the go-to brand for sunscreen for men, sunscreen for women, and especially for those with specific concerns such as sunscreen for acne prone skin or sunscreen for sensitive skin. Let’s decode the essence of sun protection, offering products like sunscreen SPF 50, best sunscreen for face, and much more, tailored just for you.


Why Sunscreen Is Essential?

Sunscreen isn't just a product; it helps against the harshness of UV rays. Whether you're looking for sunscreen lotion, gel based sunscreen, or sunscreen cream for face, the fundamental goal remains the same - to shield your skin from premature ageing, sunburn etc. With varying textures and forms, including acne UV sunscreen and body sunscreen, our range ensures that everyone finds their match, understanding that what is SPF in sunscreen translates to how well you're protected.

Choosing The Right Sunscreen

For Oily Skin

If you're pondering over which sunscreen is best for oily skin, look no further. Our best sunscreen for oily skin in India is formulated to offer a mattifying effect, avoiding any greasy residue. Our gel based sunscreen and non comedogenic sunscreen options are perfect, ensuring that your skin breathes freely, remains shine-free, and is impeccably protected. Our Niacinamide & Pro-Ceramides Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 PA+++ is your sunscreen for oily skin. This sunscreen gel leaves no white cast. Moreover, it also fights against UVA, UVB rays and blue light.

For Dry Skin

Those with dry skin might wonder, which sunscreen is best for dry skin? Our nourishing formula not only protects but hydrates too, making our sunscreen for dry skin a hydrating marvel. Look for ingredients that lock in moisture, turning the best sunscreen for dry skin into a daily dose of hydration. Our Hyaluronic Acid & Pro-Ceramides Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 PA +++ is a clear winner when it comes to dry skin. It maintains moisture balance while making your skin hydrated. This In-Vivo tested sunscreen gel offers healthier, resilient skin.

The Best Sunscreen Body Lotion

The best sunscreen body lotion combines the benefits of sun protection with hydrating and nourishing properties to keep your skin healthy and protected all day long. Formulated with a high SPF level, it shields your skin from harmful UV rays, preventing sunburn and long-term damage. Unlike traditional sunscreens, this lotion offers a lightweight and non-greasy formula, making it comfortable to wear throughout the day. Its moisturising ingredients help to replenish lost moisture, keeping your skin soft, smooth, and supple. Additionally, some options may contain antioxidants and other skin-loving ingredients to further enhance skin health. Whether you're lounging by the pool or running errands outdoors, the best sunscreen body lotion provides comprehensive protection, ensuring your skin stays safeguarded and radiant in any situation. Now that we have understood what a sunscreen body lotion does, UV-Squad's Vitamin C & Pro-Ceramides Fluid Body Lotion SPF 50 PA++++ is your go-to sunscreen when you are stepping out for long hours.

The Importance Of SPF

What is SPF in sunscreen? SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, measures how well a sunscreen will protect skin from UVB rays, the kind of radiation that causes sunburn. SPF 50 sunscreen offers high protection, making best sunscreen SPF 50 a popular choice for those seeking maximum defence against the sun’s intensity.

Everyday Sun Protection

For those who seek a guardian against the sun for daily use, best sunscreen for everyday use is designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and effective. Incorporating sunscreen into your daily routine, regardless of the weather, ensures ongoing protection against UV exposure.

How To Choose The Best Sunscreen

• Determine your skin type: Understanding whether your skin is oily, dry, combination, or sensitive will help you narrow down your sunscreen options.

• Consider specific concerns: Look for words like "best sunscreen for oily skin," "best sunscreen for dry skin," or "sunscreen for sensitive skin" to address your individual needs.

• Check SPF level: Choose a sunscreen with at least SPF 50 for optimal protection against harmful UVB rays.

• Assess lifestyle: Decide if you need a sunscreen for everyday use or one that is water-resistant for outdoor activities.

• Look for non-comedogenic options: If you're prone to acne, opt for sunscreens labelled "non-comedogenic" to prevent pore blockage.

• Choose between lotion, gel, or cream: Select a formulation that suits your preference and skin type, such as "gel-based sunscreen" or "sunscreen lotion."

• Prioritise broad-spectrum protection: Look for sunscreens that offer protection against both UVA and UVB rays to shield your skin from sun damage comprehensively.

Shop UV Squad Sun Care Products

In-Vivo testing, recognised as the gold standard for SPF assessment, involves evaluating sunscreen efficacy on real human skin under authentic environmental conditions. This comprehensive approach considers factors like sweat, water exposure, and other environmental elements to accurately gauge the sunscreen's effectiveness. By assessing variables such as protection against UV radiation, prevention of sunburn, and duration of protection, In-Vivo testing provides invaluable insights into a sunscreen's performance in real-world scenarios. This rigorous evaluation ensures that the sunscreen not only meets but exceeds expectations, providing users with reliable sun protection they can trust during their daily activities.

Moreover, UV-Squad is not just a sunscreen brand, but has post-sun care products that take care of tanning, pigmentation etc. UV-Squad helps cater to many skin woes. For more details on which sunscreen is best for you, take UV-Squad quiz. For complete knowledge on everything related to sunscreen, read our blogs that demystify sun care like never before.

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