How would you describe your skin ?

This would help us plan a regime most suited for your acne concerns.

Skin is balanced:

Small pores, rare breakouts.

Skin has an oily shine:

Visible pores, frequent breakouts.

Skin feels dry/tight:

Needs deep moisturisation to stay hydrated.

Skin is often itchy & turns red.

It may burn/tingle when you apply products.

Mix of dry & oily skin:

Your t-zone(forehead, nose & chin) is oily while your cheeks are dry.


What kind of weather conditions do you live in, for the most of the year?

Help us plan a few acne care tips suitable for weather conditions you live in

Warm & sunny with a hint of rain.

Warm & sunny but makes you sweat.

Cool & chilly with the occasional rainfall.

Cool & chilly, frequent rainfall but you still work up a sweat.


How often do you break out?

Helps us plan a regime customized to your acne concerns

You never know when acne will suddenly strike.

An acne invasion starts once/twice a month.

You face an acne breakout almost every week.

It's an every day battle against acne.


What is your acne concern currently?

Helps us understand your current acne stage

My skin is clear now, but I’m prone to breakouts.

I have blackheads/whiteheads but no pimple.

I currently have red pimples/a breakout.

I have recovered from a breakout, but have acne scars/ blemishes/dark spots.

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