Ever wondered why Acne feels like a never ending cycle of



Acne has a Lifecycle of its own!

Bringing In the Experts

Our team of dermatologists and scientists have joined forces to create targeted solutions for every stage of the acne lifecycle. Claim back control over acne with patented technologies & active ingredients.


We know our enemy & have discovered revolutionary technologies that prove to be acne’s kryptonite across it’s entire lifecycle

Thymol T Essence™

Fights 99% Acne Causing Bacteria

A unique & patented combination of Thymol & Terpineol works inside out to reduce acne-causing bacteria by making the bacteria’s membrane more penetrable, disrupting its metabolism

Triple Complex Formula™

Reduces darks & pigmentation by 35%

A revolutionary patented technology which is a unique blend of 3 potent actives: Niacinamide, Hexylresorcinol & Retinyl Propionate that reduces dark spots & pigmentation within 4 weeks.

Hexylresorcinol (HR) 0.4%

Inhibits melanin production, brightening skin and reducing hyperpigmentation caused by acne.

Niacinamide (B3) 3%

Improves texture & uneven skin

It inhibits the transfer of excess melanin to the skin's surface, helping in avoiding of pigmentation

Retinyl propionate (RP) 0.3%

A revolutionary technology which is a patented blend of 3 potent actives - HR, Vitamin B3 & RP. It is clinically proven to to reduce dark spots & acne scars caused by frequent breakouts.aused by frequent breakouts.

Salicylic Acid

Unclogs blocked pores.

Proven for it's anti-acne benefits, the keratolytic property in it breakdowns the bond between the dead cells curbs excess sebum production and helps unclog blocked pores.


Strengthens skin barrier

This 100% naturally derived plant extract increases the hydration and water retention of the stratum corneum, maintaining the skin's natural moisture barrier without making it oily and soothes inflammation.

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