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Sun protection doesn’t end at just SPF

Sun protection may be the last step in your skincare routine, but it’s by far the most vital one for long-term skin health. Our comprehensive range of supercharged products have been designed to minimise this damage and maximise skincare benefits, for healthy & resilient skin.

While SPF guards against UVB & UVA rays, it doesn't fully shield the skin from concerns such as tanning, sunburns, hyperpigmentation and a damaged skin barrier.

Both UVB & UVA rays are emitted from the sun but also come from LED nail lamps, halogen and fluorescent lights, etc. Blue light mainly comes from the sun but also from digital screens and LED lights while Infrared light emits from heating devices, lightbulbs, etc. These can penetrate the skin deeper than UVB & UVA rays with excessive exposure.


In order to pick the right SPF, it is crucial to understand some important terms


SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor! SPF = The amount of protection from UVB rays of the sun offered by a sunscreen. Higher SPF equals stronger protection from UVB radiation. SPFs are rated on a scale of 10-50+ based on their protection level.


PA stands for Protection Grade of UVA denoted by plus signs (+), is a rating system indicating a sunscreen's defence against UVA radiation. More (+) signs in PA rating = greater UVA protection.

When selecting sunscreen, prioritize both UVA and UVB protection. UVA guards against premature aging, while UVB shields from sunburn. Besides a high SPF for UVB, check the PA rating for the right UVA protection.

Clinically Tested In-Vivo

SPF is calculated through two methods: In-Vivo testing and In-Vitro testing, with the latter being the more widely employed approach.

Recognized as the global benchmark for SPF testing, in-vivo denotes evaluations conducted on real human skin that takes into account real-world conditions like sweat, water and other environmental factors to assess the sunscreen's efficacy across factors such as degree of protection against UV radiation, prevention of sunburn and duration of protection. In-Vivo tests can provide a comprehensive understanding of how a sunscreen product performs in real-life conditions.

Our supercharged sunscreens are designed with SPF 50 for very high protection against UVB light, a PA rating of +++ & ++++ , enriched with potent actives to help minimise sun damage & maximise skincare benefits for healthy & resilient skin.

The solution


All our supercharged active ingredients, explained!


Aids in reducing the visible effects of sun damage by interrupting the inflammation triggered by UV light and preventing its adverse impact, ultimately thwarting the progression of photoaging.

Hyaluronic Acid

Maintains skin strength and protects it from the harmful impacts of UV radiation. Furthermore, the antioxidant properties of HA assist in mitigating the adverse effects of UV radiation on the skin.

Patented Pro-Ceramide Technology™

Helps bolster the skin and its moisture barrier, thereby assisting the skin effectively guard against hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and redness.


Effectively tackles a wide range of sun damage indicators, including the ability to even out pigmentation and fade brown spots.


Aids in restoring depleted levels in your skin caused due to UV damage, enhances skin elasticity and diminishes the visibility of wrinkles.

Vitamin C

Effectively diminishes fine wrinkles by rebuilding collagen. Additionally, it functions as a safeguard against sun damage.


Moisturises and calms your skin while improving its overall texture and appearance.


Improves hydration, provides barrier protection and prevents skin from environmental damage.


Increases collagen production and improves elasticity while supporting the skin barrier.

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