How does sunscreen help with hyperpigmentation?

How does sunscreen help with hyperpigmentation?

Sunscreen has numerous uses beyond protecting your skin from the sun. Did you know that applying sunscreen regularly can help reduce the overall appearance of dark patches and hyperpigmentation? Hyperpigmentation happens when the skin's melanin builds up in excess, causing some regions to appear darker than the rest. Fortunately, sunscreens can help prevent and treat this. In this blog, lets explore how some of the best sunscreens for pigmentation in India can help even out your skin tone!


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What Is Sunscreen And How Does It Work?

What Is Sunscreen And How Does It Work?

Sunscreen prevents the skin from being damaged by ultraviolet radiation by creating a protective barrier. This is how it helps with hyperpigmentation prevention and reduction:

1. Blocks UV Radiation

Sunscreen's active components form a barrier that prevents the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays from penetrating your skin and stimulating melanin production.

2. Stops Melanin Overproduction

The best sunscreen for everyday use has the ability to block UV-induced melanin production. It lessens the likelihood of new spots developing and aid with hyperpigmentation that already exists.

3. Supports Skin Healing

The protective layer of sunscreen helps the skin repair and recover more quickly after inflammation and damage. 

Which Type Of Sunscreen Is Best For Hyperpigmentation?

The best sunscreen for hyperpigmentation protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Even better is one that provides protection from blue light, so you are protected indoors as well. Look for high SPF sunscreens; the most recommended ones are SPF 50. It's important to choose a gentle sunscreen, especially if your skin is sensitive and prone to hyperpigmentation.

Here are some of our recommendations:

1. Sunscreen Body Lotion

Its imperative to protect your entire body with sunscreen and not just your face. Our Vitamin C and Pro-Ceramides Fluid Body Lotion SPF 50 PA+++ is the best choice. This clinically tested In-Vivo lotion has a non-sticky formula. Its sweat resistant and doesn't leave a white cast. It enhances your skin texture thereby reducing pigmentation.

2. Sunscreen Gel

If you are looking for a sunscreen that helps fight pigmentation and helps maintain a healthy skin barrier, then dont look further than our Niacinamide and Pro-Ceramides Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 PA+++. It has a non-oily feel and is lightweight. It provides a subtle ultra-matte finish as well. 

If you have dry skin and want an extra layer of moisture to be added in, consider our Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-Ceramides Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 PA +++. It provides protection against UVA, UVB and Blue Light. Additionally, it helps strengthen your skin barrier. The Hyaluronic Acid maintains your skin’s moisture balance, leaving it plump and well-hydrated.

Does Sunscreen Reduce Hyperpigmentation?

Sunscreen for pigmentation could be the solution to fade out those dark spots! It plays a crucial role in reducing hyperpigmentation. When our skin is exposed to the sun, it triggers the production of melanin, which can make dark spots even darker. By using sunscreen regularly, we create a protective barrier that shields our skin from harmful UV rays. This not only prevents existing dark spots from getting worse but also stops new ones from forming. Hence, by regularly applying sunscreen for pigmentation you can see great results that reduce hyperpigmentation overtime.


In conclusion, sunscreen is more than just a protection against the sun; rather, it is a game-changer if you are looking to even out your skin tone. Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays further prevents skin damage and gives you a more balanced skin tone. Having said that, you have to be consistent when applying sunscreen to get that beautiful even-toned skin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: 1 Does sunscreen improve complexion?

A. Absolutely! Sunscreens not only protect your skin but also prevent sunburn, dark spots, and premature ageing. All these contribute to dull and uneven skin tones. Hence, using sunscreen can bring more radiance to your skin over time.  

Q: 2 Can sunscreen remove pigmentation?

A. Sunscreen cannot remove pigmentation, but it helps prevent it from getting worse. By protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays, sunscreen stops existing pigmentation from darkening and prevents new spots from forming. 

Q:3 Does sunscreen brighten skin over time?

A. Yes, over time, sun protection can contribute to brighter and healthier-looking skin. However, sunscreen won’t magically brighten your skin; applying it regularly will prevent sun damage. 

Q: 4 What Are Some Common Ingredients Found In Sunscreen?

A. Look out for sunscreens that provide protection from UVA, UVB and Blue light. Additionally, ingredients like Niacinamide, Pro-Ceramides, Vitamin C can help in providing maximum protection from sun damage.

Written by Samradni Pradhan on Mar 27, 2024
Samradni combines her love for exploring diverse beauty products with her knack for expressive writing. She delivers engaging content in the world of beauty with confidence and insight.

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