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Acne prone skin? Here’s your essential skincare routine

Acne prone skin can be a real pain. It's frustrating to deal with breakouts, especially when you've tried everything to get rid of them. But there is hope! A good skincare routine can help to clear up your skin and prevent future breakouts. 

Your skin goes through a lot during the day. It's exposed to the elements, makeup, and dirt. All of this can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. 

Below is your straightforward guide to an ideal skincare routine for acne prone skin. With product recommendations, these solutions will help target all your skin worries.  

Step 1: The Cleansing Ritual 

Start your day off right with a refreshing cleanse to remove dirt, oil, and makeup from your skin. A clean face is a happy face! Choose a gentle, non-comedogenic cleanser that won't strip your skin of its natural oils. Massage the cleanser into your skin in circular motions, then rinse it away with warm water. Follow up with a toner to balance your skin's pH level. Your skin will thank you for it!

If you are looking for the best salicylic acid face wash to include into your skincare routine, say yes to our Kick-Start CleanserThis sulphate-free face wash is known to reduce acne-causing bacteria and is ideal for acne prone skin.

Acne Squad Face Wash With Salicylic Acid & Thymol T Essence

Step 2: Get Ready To Tone  

Next up? Yes, a toner. Toners are smooth and hydrating that clear your skin out. This one is an essential step in the skincare routine for acne prone skin. These toners remove any sort of build up, which include excess oil or clogged pores etc.  

Our Face Toner With 4% PHA has a 4X blend ie Vitamin B3, Allantoin, Gluconolactone, Enantia and Chlorantha Bark Extracts.  

This mild exfoliator further works to minimise the enlarged pores and tighten the skin, further helping with removal of dead skin cells.  

Acne Squad Face Toner With 4% PHA

Step 3: Opt For A Serum For Acne Prone Skin 

Dealing with acne prone skin? A serum is a super duper must-have in your skincare routine if that’s the case. The rule of thumb to follow when using a face serum is choosing the right ingredients. Acne Squad’s Serum for Active Acne with Thymol T Essence has a proven formula that helps calm inflamed pores and prevents the onset of breakouts. Designed to curb excess sebum production in a week’s time, this one with ingredients like Thymol-T essence & Salicylic acid works wonders on the skin.  

Step 4: Hydrate Your Skin 

Even if you have acne, your skin still needs hydration. In fact, hydrated skin is less likely to break out. This is because dry skin can produce more oil, which can clog pores and lead to breakouts. 

Some acne-fighting ingredients can be drying, so it's important to use a moisturiser for your acne skincare routine. Look for a moisturiser, which is designed to not clog pores.  

Infused with ingredients like Vitamin E and Vitamin B3, say yes to our Multi-Tasker Moisturiser + Sunscreen. This dual action product not only fights the harmful sun rays but also hydrates the skin. Moreover, it also helps control excess sebum production and improves skin texture.  

Acne Squad Face Moisturiser with Niacinamide & SPF 25 PA+++

Step 5: Acne Treatment  

A consistent daily skincare routine and effective acne treatment are essential for clearing up acne. Spot treatments are like superheroes for your pimples. They come to the rescue when you need them most, fighting inflammation, clearing pores, and preventing infection. 

When you're looking for a spot treatment for acne-prone skin, you'll want to choose one that contains ingredients like Salicylic acid Niacinamide, Zinc Sebum etc. Our lightweight spot corrector called the Breakout Terminator has anti-acne technology that literally reduces 99% of acne-causing bacteria. Furthermore, it also lightens day spots and heals blemishes too.  

Acne Squad Spot Corrector for Active Acne with Salicylic Acid

Bonus Skincare Tips For Acne Prone Skin 

  • Hydration: Drink plenty of water and use a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated. 
  • Healthy Diet: Consume a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Limit sugar and processed foods. 
  • Regular Exercise: Engage in regular physical activity to improve blood circulation and overall skin health. 
  • Stress Management: Practice stress-relief techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, or yoga. 
  • Sun Protection: Apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 before going outdoors to protect your skin from UV damage. 
  • Avoid Harsh Products: Steer clear of abrasive scrubs and harsh ingredients that can worsen irritation. 
  • Clean Environment: Keep your phone screen, pillowcases, and items that come in contact with your face clean.

Frequently Asked Questions On Acne Prone Skin

Q.1 What causes acne-prone skin? 

A. Acne-prone skin is often the result of excess oil production, clogged pores, and bacterial growth. Hormonal changes, genetics, certain medications, and environmental factors can also contribute to acne.

 Q.2 How can I prevent acne breakouts? 

A. To prevent acne breakouts, it's important to maintain a consistent skincare routine. Use gentle cleansers, non-comedogenic moisturisers, and oil-free makeup products. Avoid touching your face frequently, and try to manage stress levels, as stress can exacerbate acne.

Q.3 Are there specific ingredients I should look for in skincare products for acne-prone skin? 

A. Look for products containing Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Glycolic Acid, or Niacinamide. These ingredients can help exfoliate, unclog pores, and reduce inflammation. However, it's advisable to introduce new products gradually to avoid skin irritation.

Q.4 Can certain lifestyle changes help manage acne-prone skin? 

A. Absolutely, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can make a difference. Consuming a balanced diet, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and managing stress can contribute to improved skin health and potentially reduce the frequency of acne breakouts.

Written by Needhi Dhoker on Oct 11, 2023
Fashion & beauty fanatic. Tea or coffee dilemmas. John Mayer vibes. Spilling words and swooning over skincare.

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