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Monsoon acne woes: Your ultimate guide to clear skin

It's that time of year again when the skies open up, and the magical monsoon showers grace us with their presence. The scent of wet earth, the cool breeze, and the gentle drizzles set the perfect mood! But wait, amidst all this there's one pesky problem that tends to spoil the fun – acne! But we have got your back and (face, of course).  

With this informative guide on how to take care of acne in monsoon! Here’s how to keep your skin glowing and acne-free even when it's pouring outside! 

Factors That Contribute To Monsoon Acne 

As much as we adore the rain, the increased humidity and dampness can lead to a perfect storm for acne to thrive. Here are some factors that contribute to monsoon acne. 

  • Humidity Overdrive: Monsoon's high humidity levels prompt increased oil production, clogging pores and fostering acne. A lightweight moisturiser helps maintain a perfect skincare routine.  
  • Pollution: Rainwater carries pollutants that mix with oil, creating a breeding ground for acne. Regularly cleanse your skin to prevent pollutants and excess oil from triggering breakouts. 
  • Hygiene: Excessive sweat in humid conditions can accumulate in pores, attracting dirt and bacteria. For this, blotting papers come in handy to prevent sweat-related acne.
  • Makeup: Heavy, oil-based makeup during monsoons can obstruct pores and exacerbate acne. Opt for water-based, oil-free makeup products, and let your skin breathe on makeup-free days. 

How To Take Care Of Acne In Monsoon

During the monsoons, our skin often behaves like a hormonal teenager – all over the place! The increased humidity, constant moisture, and pollution can wreak havoc on our precious pores. Moreover, acne and breakouts show up unannouncedWant to know how to prevent acne in monsoon? With some simple tips and mindful skincare, you can now keep it at bay.

1. Cleansing Is Key

Gone are the days of harsh scrubbing and abrasive face washes. Lay your hands on gentle, sulphate-free cleansers that won't strip your skin's natural oils. Wash your face twice a day (morning and night) to get rid of dirt, grime, and excess oil.  

Say hello to the Kick-Start Cleanser With Salicylic Acid & Thymol T-Essencea game-changer for your monsoon skincare routine! This incredible cleanser boasts a gentle, sulphate-free formula that ensures a deep cleanse without drying out your skin. With the powerful duo of Salicylic Acid and Thymol T-Essence, it effectively fights acne-causing bacteria, keeping those pesky breakouts at bay.

Acne Squad Face Wash With Salicylic Acid & Thymol T Essence

2. Hydrate With A Moisturiser

Now, you might think, "Wait, won't that make my skin oilier?" Not at all! Hydrated skin is happy skin. Opt for a moisturiser to lock in moisture without clogging your pores. We reckon our Face Moisturiser with Niacinamide & SPF 25 PA+++ is a perfect match for the monsoon season. This one with its multitasker quality also has sunscreen protection infused in it. This product fights sun damage whilst also hydrating your skin. 

Acne Squad Face Moisturiser with Niacinamide & SPF 25 PA+++

3. Exfoliate Well

Exfoliation is essential during the monsoon season. Opt for gentle exfoliants. We are talking about our the X-Foliating Scrub that doesn’t let acne show its sight during monsoons. Packed with exfoliating agents, like finely ground walnut powder and Salicylic acid, use this scrub twice or thrice a week and bid farewell to dullness.  

Acne Squad Exfoliating Scrub with Salicylic Acid

4. Use A Face Toner

Elevate your skincare routine with a toner to keep your pores clean and breathable in humid weather. Toners effectively remove post-cleansing residue, revitalising and refining your skin. Opt for an alcohol-free toner like our Face Toner With 4% PHA. This one is ideal for the entire acne lifecycle. It further helps prevent dryness and irritation, promoting skin healing and pH balance. Let a toner be a weapon against monsoon humidity! 

5. Apply Spot Correctors 

Tackle those pesky blemishes during the monsoon season with spot correctors. Spot correctors are designed to target specific areas of concern, providing concentrated treatment for acne and dark spots. Have active acne? Try out our Breakout Terminator Spot Corrector. With a blend of natural ingredients and potent actives, this one helps eliminate 99% of acne-causing bacteria. It further helps unclog pores as well.  

Acne Squad Spot Corrector for Active Acne with Salicylic Acid

6. Go Beyond Skincare

Stay hydrated internally as well and take care of your overall health to improve your skin texture. As you consume about 8-10 glasses of water every day, it can help prevent breakouts and lessen the chances of acne acting up.  

7. Opt For A Healthy Diet

Maintain a healthy diet to complement your monsoon skincare routine. Opt for fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A, C, and E, along with zinc-rich foods. These nutrients promote skin health, aiding in the prevention of acne breakouts. 

Frequently Asked Questions For Monsoon Acne

Q.1 How to Treat Acne in Monsoon? 

A. Combat monsoon acne with a consistent routine: cleanse twice daily, moisturise with soothing skincare products, and use spot correctors. Stay hydrated, opt for a balanced diet, and exfoliate twice weekly to maintain clear skin.

Q.2 Why Do I Get Acne During Monsoon? 

A. Monsoon's humidity increases oil production and clogs pores, fostering acne. Rainwater can carry pollutants that worsen breakouts. Adhering to a suitable skincare regimen can prevent monsoon-related acne.

Q.3 Why Does My Skin Feel Oily During the Monsoon? 

A. Humidity triggers excess oil production, compounded by sweat, leading to clogged pores. This imbalance disrupts skin's natural oil-sweat equilibrium. Using oil-free products, blotting sweat, and consistent cleansing can help manage this issue. 

Written by Needhi Dhoker on Oct 11, 2023
Fashion & beauty fanatic. Tea or coffee dilemmas. John Mayer vibes. Spilling words and swooning over skincare.

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